3D Medical Solutions:


EYES.Tec is developing in cooperation with leading industry partners Machine Vision solutions for use in Surgery Microscopes and Endoscopes and a 3D Ear Scanner. The objective with the solutions developed by EYES.Tec is to create the:

Next Generation Surgery Microscopes and Endoscopes


by Integration of 3D based Machine Vision applications


Image shows use of surgery microscope in the status quo

3D Ear Scanner for the production of hearing aids


substituting manual ear impressions by a direct 3D scan


Manual impressions in the status quo require filling impression material like silicone into the ear canal

Industrial Robotic Systems:


EYES.Tec develops customized 3D embedded sensor systems and optical solutions for industrial applications like robot guidance.

Machine Vision Robotic Systems


by enabling


  • 3D reconstruction of the environment

  • obstacle detection and object recognition

  • precise measurement of objects

  • self-localisation of the sensor system

  • path and movement planning